Port Kalamos is the capital of Kalamos, a small whale-shaped island lying close to its sister island of Kastos in the blue crystal-clear waters of the Ionian. Here you will truly experience a trip back into the past. A small, traditional village where the locals still take their food to be cooked by the baker while the bread ovens are still hot. Supplies to the island are made by one of the few remaining trading caiques coming over from the mainland.

There is a general grocery shop here where most provisions can be found and a wonderful bakery just up the hill. Tavernas offer traditional Greek food. Fresh fish and good barrelled wine from Lefkas are also available.

Port Leone is a short sail towards the southern end of the island and is ideal for a lunch stop and brief visit. Anchor off and dingy ashore to this deserted village, keeping a cautious eye open for sea urchins. After the 1953 earthquake the village was deserted, water supplies were cut off and only the church has been maintained. A fascinating and eerie atmosphere looms.