Fiskardo, Kefalonia

Fiskardo is surely the best known resort in this part of the Greek Islands. The northern-most town on Kefalonia, so much has been said of this hugely popular harbour. Largely escaping total destruction in the 1953 earthquake, the 19th century buildings surrounding the harbour remain intact and offer a glance back in time. It is now a cosmopolitan resort with visitors constantly coming and going, a busy and bustling little town. 

The Venetian lighthouse on the N side of the entrance marks your arrival at Fiskardo and there is shelter from most wind directions except from the SE.

Because of its popularity, this is a very busy harbour with yachts and ferries coming and going constantly during the day. The wooden finger pontoon is the best option if there’s availability.

If you enjoy being close to all the activity, moor stern-to the quayside where you will only be an arms-length from the restaurant seating. For a more peaceful location, anchor off to the north side of the bay, tying up to a rock or tree.

There are plenty of mini-markets with fresh produce and a few bakeries to be found around the harbour too.

Eating out in Fiskardo will cost a little more than most other Greek towns. However, as you relax under the moonlit sky as it beams down on the pastel coloured Venetian buildings, you’ll not be disappointed.

Great sailing conditions whether heading south towards Agia Efimia down the Ithaca channel or across to Sivota on Lefkas island. Or try the historic anchorage of Polis on the West coast of Ithaca with it’s beach taverna.